Barry Watters - Garage Door Sales/Install

304-425-1983 ext. 113 (office)

304-887-1881 (cell) 

Vince Morello - Service Work

304-425-1983 ext. 103 (office)

304-920-2829 (cell)


Adam Sarver - Admin

304-425-1983 ext. 103 (office)

304-920-2829 (cell)

Jonathan Bailey - Manager

304-425-1983 ext. 107 (office)

304-920-6702 (cell)

​      Eastern Door and Glass was formed in August of 2011 to serve southern West Virginia and south western Virginia with residential and commercial glass, windows, doors and garage doors.  Our business has grown since then to also include large project doors, glass, handrails, canopies and hardware in schools, government buildings and private construction.  We employee a combined 80 years experience from management to installation of products and take great pride in our work!  Construction trades can be difficult but we at EDG always have the end goal of QUALITY in mind!